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Little Red Robot
Lab 1 - Drive to Grandmother’s

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Show Your Learning

Active Share

  • Have students share their projects with the class by showing their Coder. Remind students to keep their Coder upright to avoid any Coder cards falling out of the Coder.
  • As groups share their projects, prompt students to compare and contrast the different projects, by asking questions like:
    • Did the projects all reach the same goal of getting to Grandmother’s house?
    • How is this project similar or different to your group’s sequence?
    • How did your group choose which Coder cards to use?

Discussion Prompts

Digital Documentation

  • Video record students sharing their projects and explaining how they chose the Coder cards for their projects. Use this to highlight the different solutions that are possible, as well as the students’ understanding of how to connect Coder cards to 123 Robot movement.

Student-Driven Visible Thinking

  • Take photos of successful projects, or have students write or draw their successful projects. Then group them by distance traveled, and hang them in your 123 Learning Center to show different ways to “Drive 5” or “Drive 2.” Students can refer to them during future explorations.

Metacognition-Reflecting Together

  • How did you choose which Coder cards to use to drive your Little Red Robot to Grandmother’s house?
  • Did we all have identical projects? How were they different?
  • Is there anything that you think makes one solution better or worse than another? Why?
  • How did you work together to make and test your project?