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Meet Your Robot
Lab 1 - Hello, 123!

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Launch the Engage Section

ACTS is what the teacher will do and ASKS is how the teacher will facilitate.

  1. Show the 123 Robot box to the children, and gather ideas about what a classroom “robot” might be.
  2. Demonstratively show the 123 Robot and the charger. Gather ideas about what each part might be or do.  Save the robot itself for last.  
  3. Pass the robot (in the off position) around to the children, or put it in a centrally located space (like the middle of the circle) so everyone can see.  Gather initial impressions in a discussion.
  4. Transition to the story.
  1. Ask: Guess what?! We have a new member of our classroom today!
    1. Would you like to see?
    2. If I told you it was a robot, what would you imagine?
  2. What do you think this could be? How might we use it? Use actual names of components. Encourage students to repeat the names out loud. 
  3. This is our actual robot. What do you notice about it? What do you see on it or around it? What do you wonder about it?
  4. Say: Guess What! Our 123 Robot came with a story called, “Meet your Robot”. Should we meet the Robot?


  1. InstructInstruct students that they are going to have new robots in class. Show the 123 Robot and poster. Gather ideas about what a classroom “robot” might be - what it might look like or what it might do. Demonstratively take out each component of the set (suggestion: Charger and 123 Robot) and gather ideas about what each part might be or do. Save the 123 Robot itself for last.
    VEX 123 Robot Poster
    VEX 123 Poster
  2. DistributeDistribute materials as they are unboxed. Allow students to handle the materials and pass them around.
  3. FacilitateFacilitate active listening and engagement with one another by taking notes about their initial impressions of the robots on the board. Note what things are of particular importance to them, or what questions they have that may be answered in the Play section.
  4. OfferOffer positive reinforcement for creative ideas and impressions, as well as careful observations.
A VEX 123 character

Teacher Troubleshooting

Facilitation Strategies

  • If students are older, teach a synchronized lesson: one where the students each follow along with the teacher with their own 123 Robots and complete individual Feature Charts and Wonder Boards. 
  • Students are likely going to be excited and eager to touch and play with the robots.  This unit is laid out to honor that enthusiasm, while putting parameters on how those initial interactions go, in order to set the students up for success with their 123 Robots.  
    • Remind students frequently that they will all have a chance to test and play with the 123 Robots, and that learning the basics will help them be successful down the road.  
    • Positively reinforce patience and good turn-taking skills among students.  Offer those listening extra “jobs” or turns throughout the labs.  
    • After completing the initial introductory labs, have the 123 Robots during “Choice Time” or “Center Time” in your classroom, for students to continue to play out their ideas.