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Meet Your Robot
Lab 1 - Hello, 123!

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Materials Needed

The following is a list of all the materials and teaching resources that are needed to complete the VEX 123 Lab. First listed are the materials needed for the entire Lab, including the 123 Robot. In certain Labs, links to teaching resources in a slideshow format have been included. Not all Labs will include a slideshow. These slides can help provide context and inspiration for your students. All slides are editable, and can be projected for students or used as a teacher resource.

Materials Purpose Recommendation

123 Robot and charger

For demonstration. 

1 for teacher facilitation

Meet Your Robot Storybook PDF

Present as a read-a-long story to introduce the 123 Robot.

1 for teacher facilitation

Teacher Guide for Meet Your Robot Story Slideshow

Google Doc / .pptx / .pdf

Guide for how to incorporate interactive elements for the story in a read-a-long.

1 for teacher facilitation

VEX 123 Poster

Visual Aid to show 123 Robot features.

1 set for teacher facilitation

Lab 1 Image Slideshow

Google Doc / .pptx / .pdf

Includes visual aid for the Lab.

1 for teacher facilitation

Paper and markers 

For creating a class Wonder Board.

1 set per class, 1 per student if leading a synchronized lesson

Environment Setup

  • Think about your classroom space. What will work best for an observation and discussion?  Is there a place where Circle Time or Morning Meeting is held?  This may work better than sitting at a desk, as the 123 Robots can be placed inside the circle for all to see at the same time.  
  • Make sure the VEX 123 Poster is visible to all students. Refer to the poster when talking about the components and features. You may want to pass around some of the materials for students to handle after they are unboxed.
  • Make the Features Chart. This can be an evolving class resource for housing component names and functions.  As students learn about the features of the 123 Robot, they can add to the chart. This can be placed in the Robot area of the classroom. 
  • Create a class Wonder Board. A place for writing down student questions and ideas. This can be used for formative assessment and to document student learning. 


Begin the lab by engaging with the students.

  1. Hook

    Guess what?!  We have a new member of our classroom today!  Would you like to see?  If I told you it was a robot, what would you imagine?

  2. Demonstrate

    Our robots are a little different, let’s meet them!  Teacher engages in a demonstrative unboxing to show the 123 Robot.  (Teacher may facilitate a first impression conversation, if time allows.  What do you see?  What do you notice?  What do you wonder?)

  3. Leading Question

    I have a story called  “Meet Your Robot.”  Are you ready to meet our robot?


Allow students to explore the concepts introduced.

Part 1

Story based activity - Using the Meet Your Robot PDF story as a guide and a tool, read and interact with the story and components as instructed in the story. 

Mid-Play Break

What can the robot do that you can also do?  What is different?  How or why?  What makes this robot different from other devices you know and use?

Part 2

Look, Listen and See - Using the 123 Robot, the teacher points out a feature of the robot, and asks the children “What do you think this does?”.  Students describe in their own words, based on story and class discussions. Teacher tests the students’ hypotheses (push button) to see what the robot does (and if the description was accurate).


Allow students to discuss and display their learning.

Active Share

Create a “Wonder Board” using the following prompts and display them in the classroom.

A VEX 123 character

Discussion Prompts