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Robot Soccer
Lesson 2: Manipulators


Before you can compete in the One-on-One Soccer Challenge, you first need to learn about what a manipulator is, and how to design an effective manipulator for your robot to accomplish a particular task, like scoring a goal. You will also learn about motor groups and assigning a Drivetrain to your Controller's joysticks, to help you optimize your robot.


A manipulator is a mechanism designed to manipulate an object in order to accomplish a task. 

Watch this video to learn about what a manipulator is, types of manipulators, and how you can create an effective manipulator for a particular task. 

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Intake Design

An intake is a type of manipulator that can move objects in and out of it in order to move them. 

Watch this video to learn about what an intake is, types of intakes, and how to code an intake in a project using VEXcode IQ. 

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Motor Groups

A motor group consists of two motors that function as if they are one device.  A motor group can enable your robot to have more power, speed, or lifting ability.

Watch this video to learn about what a motor group is and why you should use one, the importance of motor spin direction, and configuring a motor group in VEXcode IQ. 

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Assigning a Drivetrain to Your Controller's Joysticks

You can assign a Drivetrain to the Controller's joysticks in VEXcode IQ. This allows you to drive your robot using the Controller, and code other features, like a manipulator, to best suit your needs.

Watch this video to learn how to assign the Drivetrain to your Controller's joysticks in VEXcode IQ, change the driver style on your Controller, and download the project to the Brain. 

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Check Your Understanding

Before moving on to the Practice section, ensure that you understand the concepts covered on this page by answering the questions in the document below in your engineering notebook. 

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