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Launch the Engage Section

ACTS is what the teacher will do and ASKS is how the teacher will facilitate.

  1. Introduce the lesson by holding up the Super Car and engaging the class with a question.
  2. Continue to show the Super Car and ask students to predict how far it will travel, and explain their reasoning.
  3. Demonstrate how it works by winding the Orange Knob and letting the car travel.
  1. As you show the Super Car, ask students if they have ever used a wind up car.
  2. How far do you think this car will go? What makes you say that?
  3. What kinds of things affect the distance that the car travels? What do you see that makes you say that?

Getting the Students Ready to Build

If we were to repeat the experiment, would you make the same prediction? Let’s test out some of our ideas with our own cars.

Facilitate the Build

  1. InstructInstruct students to join their groups, and have them complete the Robotics Roles & Routines sheet. Use the Suggested Role Responsibilities slide in the Lab Image Slideshow as a guide for students to complete this sheet.
    GO Super Car
    Super Car
  2. DistributeDistribute build instructions, Robotics Roles & Routines, and Data Collection Sheets to each team. Journalists should gather the materials on the build instructions checklist.
  3. FacilitateFacilitate building process.
    1. Builders can begin building. If there are multiple builders, they should alternate steps to complete the build.
    2. Journalists should set up the Data Collection Sheet for the Play portion, and assist with build instructions as needed.
  4. OfferOffer suggestions and note positive team building and problem solving strategies as teams build together.
A VEX GO character

Teacher Troubleshooting

Facilitation Strategies

  • Encourage students to use descriptive, spatial language when talking about how to assemble the build. Model this for students whenever possible.
    • Have students use spatial relation vocabulary (across, in front of, below, behind, on top of, etc) to explain where pieces go during the build.
  • Point out the “Questions” section of the Data Collection Sheet. Direct students to write out questions that they may have during the Lab.
  • Offer in-the-moment observation as groups work well, and invite them to share teamwork strategies with the class.