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sample setup for the package dash challenge
Starting the Package Dash Challenge

Package Dash Challenge

In this challenge, you will program your robot to pick up a package and bring it to a loading dock as fast as possible!

Challenge rules:

  • The robot must begin the challenge in the Start Zone.

  • The package (aluminum can) can only come in contact with the squared-off area, the Clawbot's claw, and the Loading Dock.

    • If a package is dropped on the warehouse ground, you must reset the field and start over again.

  • The time for each run starts as soon as the robot moves.

  • The time stops as soon as the package is dropped in the loading dock.

  • When resetting the field, everything should be returned to the exact location as it started.

  • Have fun!

Bonus Challenge: Add sounds for when the robot is backing up and lights from the Touch LED to indicate when the robot has picked a package up and placed it in the loading dock.

Increase complexity: Add more packages (cans) that the robot must pick up! Multiple rounds can be played.