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VEX Game Elements

One of the more challenging aspects of the VEX Robotics Competition game is that a new game design is introduced for each competition season. This allows students to use their previous game experience to build upon as they tackle the new objects and goals of the game while giving both experienced and new teams an equal starting place. Click here to review this year's game for the VEX Robotics Competition.

Each year students will come across new game elements that their teams will have to maneuver and manipulate by moving, tossing, or flipping. These materials come in various shapes and sizes. That is why it is very important that teams design the most appropriate manipulator for their robots in order to succeed in the current game. The VEX Robotics Knowledge Base has an article about How to Decide on a Manipulator. Click on the title of the article to review the different types of manipulators and how to decide on the best one for your robot.