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Prepare for the Strike Challenge

In this challenge, you will program your robot to collide with a ball to compete in bowling! To successfully complete this challenge, you need to create a project that transfers energy from your moving robot to a ball in order to knock down multiple pins. The project is only allowed to drive the robot forward using one instruction for setting the drive velocity and one instruction for driving for a distance. The project should stop the robot just after it comes in contact with the ball.

You can create a new project or use the Momentum project you created in the Exploring Velocity activity. While testing different velocities, record your data in the new table on the next page or in the table from the Exploring Velocity activity.

Consider what you've learned about the momentum of objects and the transfer of energy during collisions. Plan not only for the collision of the robot with the ball but also with the collision of the ball with the pins.

To complete the challenge you will need:

  • 3m x 1m open area

  • Tape (to create your bowling lane)

  • Ball (the size and shape of a soccer ball)

  • Paper (to roll up for creating bowling pins)