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M.A.D. Box

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Advise students to think critically about the questions by engaging in think-pair-share. To do this, first have the students answer the questions themselves in their engineering notebook. The engineering notebook can be used as assessment. Click this link (Google Doc / .docx / .pdf) to view the engineering notebook rubric.

Then after a few minutes, have the students turn to a partner or a group of three students to discuss what each student has written. Encourage them to reflect on different answers that their peers provide. Collaboration can also be a form of assessment. Click this link (Google Doc / .docx / .pdf) to view the collaboration rubric.

Finally, after another few minutes, open the class up for discuss to obtain a more critical analysis of the questions.

Now that the build is finished, explore and see what it can do. Then answer these questions in your engineering notebook.

  1. The build uses two types of gears in its design. How many teeth are on each type of gear and what are these gears called?

  2. The VEX Super Kit also includes a 60 Tooth Gear. Why do you think it was not used in the build?

  3. How does the M.A.D. Box work? Explain with details.

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  1. Twelve teeth and thirty-six teeth. They are called a 12 Tooth Gear and a 36 Tooth Gear.

  2. A possible answer is it is too large for a build of this size.

  3. Students should explain how the gears turn at different speeds depending on which of the two Shaft Lock Plates are used. The students might also be able to describe it using a sketch from their engineering notebooks.