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Setting Appropriate Velocities

You got your Autopilot to move at different velocities! Let’s explore how to set appropriate velocities to program your Autopilot.

  • The Builder in each group should get the hardware required.

  • The Recorder should get the group’s engineering notebook.

  • The Programmer should open VEXcode IQ.

Materials Required:
Quantity Materials Needed

1x1 Connector Pin


Charged Robot Battery


VEXcode IQ (latest version, Windows, macOS, Chromebook, iPad)


USB Cable (if using a computer)


Engineering Notebook

Before you begin the activity...

Before you begin the activity, do you have each of these items ready? The Builder should check each of the following:

  • Are all the motors and sensors plugged into the correct port?

  • Are the smart cables fully inserted into all of the motors and sensors?

  • Is the Brain turned on?

  • Is the battery charged?