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A Team of People Hold Controllers and Stand Above a VEX Playground
Stability is a valuable component of robot design

The importance of stability with competition robots

Competition robots are moving objects that must have the ability to extend, lift, and move quickly without tipping over. According to the rules, teams are not allowed to touch their robot after a match begins, so it is important to consider stability when designing a competition robot. If the robot tips over and is unable to right itself again, the team has likely lost the match.

Teams need to consider the features of their robots that are related to their stability:

  • Center of gravity

  • Wheel placement

  • Traction

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Height

  • Width

It is good practice to map out a plan and sketch your design in an engineering notebook prior to building your robot as it is likely that many iterations will be needed to find the design that works best.