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Build the Grabber

Follow along with the build instructions to build the Grabber.

Open and follow the steps to build the VEX IQ Grabber. Google / .docx / .pdf

Build Instruction Tips

  • All Steps: There is important information about which parts are needed for the step above the partition line. The number below the image of a part is the number of that part required in the step. There may be dimension information below the part to help identify which size to use.

  • Step 1: Count all pieces before starting your build and have them readily available.

  • Step 7: Insert 1x1 Connector Pins into the first and seventh hole in the 1x8 Beam.

  • Step 9: Inter the 1x1 Connector Pins into the 1x8 Beam first, before attaching the 1x6 Beam.

Pinch Points:
Be careful when attaching pieces, removing pieces, or manipulating the Grabber that nothing will be pinched in movement.