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Now that the build is finished, explore and see what it can do. Then answer the following questions in your engineering notebook:

  1. What does the Grabber do? Explain with details.

  2. How might the Grabber be used? Explain with details and sketches.

  3. A mechanical advantage is an advantage gained by the use of a mechanism in transmitting force. Does the Grabber have a mechanical advantage(s)? If so, what is the mechanical advantage? Explain with details.

  4. Explain this build, using common engineering terminology, to someone who hasn't seen it. Use at least 3 of the following terms in your description: beams, connectors, levers, pivot points, fulcrum, and simple machines. For example, I could say that beam is an engineering term that describes this build because the build requires beams to form its "structure." You may need to look up these terms if you need clarification.